Our products such as:

  • GTM (Gas Transport Module) / Tube Trailers

We are appointed by our manufacturer in China to provide “CNG Tube Skid” ranging from 10ft up to 40ft to the Indonesian market. Our products are certified internationally and trusted in the world market.

  • Gas Cylinders and Gas Equipments

We sell a wide range of gas cylinders and gas equipments for industrial gas storage purposes such as Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and so forth. Our gas cylinders and gas equipments have been certified internationally and meet the international standard safety requirements.

  • PRS (Pressure Reducing Station) / PRU (Pressure Reducing Unit)

PRS or PRU is the equipment needed to lower the pressure of CNG from 200-250 bar to 2-10 bar, according to the customer request. We can provide a complete package for PRS / PRU directly from China or we can assemble in Indonesia with the components from other countries.

  • Converter Kit

We offer two categories of converter kits:

1. LGV Converter Kit

LGV Converter Kit using LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) or so-called “Vigas” in Indonesia.

2. CNG Converter Kit

CNG Converter Kit using CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) or so-called “Gasku” from PGN and “Envogas” from Pertamina in Indonesia.

  • MRU (Mobile Refueling Unit)

MRU is the unit used to supply CNG to vehicles at the areas where the pipe cannot be installed for the construction of CNG Station. MRU is imported from our manufacturer in China.