Our services such as:

  • Rental service of the following:

1. GTM (Gas Transport Modules)

– 40ft : Volume 17,920 LWC (Liter Water Capacity)

– 20ft : Volume 12,720 LWC (Liter Water Capacity)

– 10ft : Volume 3,250 LWC (Liter Water Capacity)

2. PRS/PRU (Pressure Reducing Station / Pressure Reducing Unit)

– Mass Flow meter

– Volume Turbine meter

3. MRU (Mobile Refueling Unit)

  • Conversion from Diesel or Gasoline to Gas fuel such as CNG or LPG

– Vehicles

– Small boats

– Generators

– Small Engines

  • EPC for Coal-Fired Steam Power Plant or Gas Power Plant partnered with professional expertise from China.

Befenits from using Natural Gas:

  1. Lower cost compares to using fossil fuels. Natural gas has a relatively cheaper price than the fossil fuels. Therefore, it can give significant savings to the consumers.
  2. Environmentally friendly. Natural Gas produces less pollutant compares to fossil fuels.
  3. Less maintenance needed and longer lifespan of the equipment
  4. Perfect combustion.
  5. Constant heating value. Thus, the engine will operate more optimal, resulting in higher productivity.

Natural Gas  Usage

Natural Gas can be used in several fields such as power plant, industries and transportations.