Natural Gas is compressed at CNG Station through a series of processes such as scrubbing, drying and compressing to a pressure of 200-20 bars. The end product of the processes is CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) which we distribute to the customer using GTM (Gas Transport Module). Our GTM is a steel cylinder shape container which can withstand the high pressure of the CNG. These high-pressured steel cylinders are fixed in a frame of the standard size 20ft, 40ft or custom-sized container for transporting.

At the customer side, CNG is released from the containers through a high-pressure flexible hose connected to the PRS/U (Pressure Reducing Station or Unit). The PRS role is to reduce the pressure of the CNG from 200-250 bar to the desired pressure usually 4 bar or 10 bar.

Comparison Table for Gas Emission

Gas emissions comparison resulting from various fuel, including natural gas can be seen in the charts below.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Monoxide

Nitrogen Oxide

Sulphur Dioxide